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Please see example of one serving

Examples of ONE serving

Bread, Cereal, Rice,
pasta and noodles
1 thick slice of bread
English muffin (1/2)
Hot dog bun/ hamburger bun (1/2)
Pita bread, 6 inch across (1/2)
1/2 bowl (120ml) of breakfast cereal (unsweetened, ready to eat)
1 bowl (240ml) of porridge
1/2 bowl (120ml) cup of cooked rice/ pasta/ noodles

1 medium sized fruit e.g. apple, orange, banana, pear etc.
2 pieces of smaller fruit (apricots, kiwi fruit, plum, figs)
1 large slice watermelon/melon
About 20 grapes or cherries
About 8 strawberries
4-6 pieces of dried fruit (dates, figs, prunes)
1 cup of diced pieces/ canned fruit
1/2 cup of orange juice or apple juice
1/3 cup of prune juice

1 bowl (240ml) raw vegetables
1/2 bowl (120ml) cooked vegetables

2-3 ounces (65-100g) cooked lean meat
(4 ounces of raw meat is equal to 3 ounces of cooked meat)

80-120 g of cooked, tinned, smoked fish or seafood

1 medium size of egg
2 egg whites

Nuts/ Seeds
1/2 cup of nuts e.g. 30 almonds, 40 peanuts or
1/4 cup of seeds/ 3 tablespoons seeds or
2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Dry beans
1/2 cup of cooked beans or tofu

Milk & milk products
1 cup (250 ml) of milk or
1 cup (200 g) of yoghurt or
40 g cheese/ 2 cheese ˇ§single slicesˇ¨
Added margarine or oil 1 tablespoon of any margarine, butter/dairy blend, oil
(1 tablespoon = 4 teaspoons)

(occasional foods)
1/2 chocolate bar
1/2 slice pizza
3-4 sweet biscuits
2 scoops of ice-cream
I can soft drink
I ounce (15 pieces) potato chips

Dietary assessment
How many servings DAILY do you usually have for each of the following six food groups?

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